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Zales Previously Owned Jewelry

When Zales:The Diamond Store comes to mind, the prevailing thought is of a highly-regarded, established company that sells quality jewelry. Many people, especially those who aren’t intimately acquainted with the store, don’t know that the company not only sells brand new jewelry but also previously owned or used jewelry. Zales acts as sort of consignment shop in this way. When individuals return jewelry that they previously purchased from Zales, the store has the option of reselling it to the public.

Zales has been in business since early part of the 20th century. Since then, they have developed what was initially a ‘mom and pop shop’ into a brand that is well-respected and widely recognizable. The company has sold brand new jewelry since its inception. More recently, however, they have begun to expand their inventory in a new and exciting way. They now offer previously owned jewelry. Zales believes that doing so allows them to provide their customers with a wider selection and less expensive options.

The previously owned jewelry accepted by Zales for re-sell, includes pieces that have been returned by their customers under the company’s 100 Day Refund policy. All previously owned jewelry offered for sale is professionally cleaned and looks brand new. Most people would have a difficult time telling the difference between what jewelry was previously owned and what’s brand-new.

Zales offers individuals who buy brand new jewelry the opportunity to purchase the company’s Lifetime Jewelry Protection Plan. Unfortunately, this plan is not available to those who buy previously owned jewelry. However, these customers can take their jewelry to a local Zales’ store to be cleaned and inspected at no cost.

Zales will allow people who purchase previously owned jewelry to return it. Returns are covered under the 100 day return policy for which the company is well known for.

Why Buy Previously Owned Jewelry?

There are many reasons to purchase previously owned jewelry. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that a person may want to is because it is cheaper than purchasing brand new jewelry. Two identical pieces may differ in price only because one is used and the other is not. Because Zales cleans and repair all of the jewelry returned to it, a person is ensured of receiving a quality piece. Since this is the case, why would an individual choose to pay more when they don’t have to?

Another reason to consider buying this type of jewelry is because the buyer has an opportunity to purchase a unique piece. Because a particular piece of jewelry may or may not still be available at the store, an individual may be able to buy a great looking bracelet, necklace, ring, etc., that can no longer be found at Zales.

A third reason an individual may want to purchase previously owned jewelry from Zales is simply because they find something that they like. There are many very attractive, rings, watches, necklaces and other kinds of jewelry available for sale in the company’s previously owned section. If you or someone you know is interested in buying used jewelry, consider Zales. Their selection can be viewed online and all items can also be purchased at the store’s website.

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Zales Jewelry
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