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Zales 100 Day Return Policy

Zales Jewelers offers one of the best return policies in the business. The company gives individuals 100 days to return any item they purchase. There are restrictions and individual would be well-served by reviewing what those are. Zales makes it easy to return jewelry. Buyers can return their purchases via mail, whether they buy it online or off.

If a person buys an item from Zales online, the 100 days they have to return it is figured from the date the item is shipped out. If an item is purchased offline, the 100 day period starts from the day it was bought. Individuals that return jewelry under this policy will receive a 100% refund. The cost of shipping and handling is not included if they mail in their return, nor are any charges not mentioned above.

When a person makes a purchase online and wishes to return the item they bought, the first step is to contact someone from the Zales’ customer service team. If the item was damaged, customer service needs to be the first contact made. The phone number can be found on the company’s website. The call is free. Customer care will provide instructions about what needs to be done next.

It generally takes 30 days or less for a refund to be issued. Individuals will receive their return payment in the same way that they issued payment. For example, if an individual used a credit card to make a purchase, their card would be credited for that same amount.

Individuals who purchased an item through Zales’ Design Your Own Program are required to request a refund through the company’s online store. These refunds can not be handled through a normal, brick and mortar (land based) store. Individuals that pay for their items using an e-gift card, Bill-Me-Later or PayPal will also need to ask for a return online.

Zales: The Diamond Store is one of the most respected names in the jewelry industry. Since the 1930s they have been providing high quality jewelry for both men and women. Recently, they have developed a number of excellent programs designed to give individuals, both current customers and potential ones, more options and the ability to do business in a way that is most convenient for them. Concerning the latter, giving customers up to 100 days to return an item makes it easier and less stressful for them to make returns. It also gives them more time to make sure that they are pleased with their purchase.

The jewelry that individuals return under the 100 day return policy is cleaned and resold to the public through Zales Previously Owned Jewelry program. Zales takes these returns and makes them available to the public. This is quite beneficial for those individuals looking for a bargain. They are often able to secure one because when jewelry is sold the second time around, it is always cheaper then when it was originally sold. It doesn’t matter how good it looks or expensive it was.

Individuals that are looking for high quality jewelry but don’t want to spend a fortune should take a look at the previously owned jewelry section at Zales. They generally have hundreds of attractive pieces of all types available for both men and women.

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Zales Jewelry
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3 Responses to “Zales 100 Day Return Policy”

  1. Rhonda Turvey Says:

    I recently returned a ring and was told I would have to pay to have it re-sized so it can be sold again. The sales associate showed me a brochure that said something to the effect that if the jewlery needed repair it would be deducted from the refund. I wouldn’t consider “re-sizing” re-pair. A repair is fixing something broken or damaged. If, in fact, you are going to charge for re-sizing you need to clearly state that in your brochure. I would appreciate being refunded the charge for re-sizing because it was not clearly stated. Even your article above does not mention re-sizing…it states that the returned jewlery is simply resold as “previously owned.” It also seems unnecessary to resize when it will most likely have to be re-sized again by the new owner…possibly back to the size it was when it was returned! Thank you for your consideration of my concern.

  2. Phyllis Skeen Says:

    I purchased 2 rings more than 100 days ago and have been making payments on them but I am no longer able to make these payments and I need to return them so my credit won’t be hurt. I’ve been a customer for many years but I just can’t afford these payments anymore. Can you please help me?

  3. Sandra Says:

    We purchased the “identical” necklace from two of your Piercing Pagoda stands. One place charged us $99.99 & the other $59.99. When we went back to get a refubd, the manager allegedly called your district manager who refused to refund the difference. We thought Zales stood by their product & pricing….Next step will be a formal complaint to the Better Business Bureau unless we get a response to this complaint. Specifics will be provided upon request. We look forward to your reply!!

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